The struggle to get out of bed is real.


On the other hand, my nose flaring abilities are pretty good

For some reason I thought about this a lot as a kid

Some cultures have a sort of “picking” ceremony where they put objects like a pencil or soccer ball in front of babies to see what the baby will pick. Sometimes it gives an idea to the future, for example the Korean rapper Tablo picked up a mic on his picking ceremony.

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Bringing that Midday Muse back! 

Wednesday August 27th, 11:30am-12:30pm at the Depot Annex conference room. We’ll be discussing the student council and the future of KI’s Depot Annex and Franklin Terrace space.

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Okay can I talk about my binder for a sec?

I’m a 34D, so all binders are awkward for me. Small band, large cup. So I never get quite flat, but some lumpy monstrosity with underboob poking out. But this one gets me the closest to flat while being the most comfortable binder I own.

And it looks like a tanktop!! And it was $10!!

It’s got stretchy bits on one side, and a line of bra-like clasps on the other that you can adjust to three different sizes, again like a bra. I didn’t overheat or even really sweat even when wearing it under a shirt in early summer pre-storm humidity. And once you get yourself situated just right, you can’t tell the tank is actually a binder.

Bam. Awesome.


EDIT: Here’s the link!

The listing has expired. Here’s a new link!


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Once I was walking home with some law school friends and they were like ”Why are you walking up that street your street is like three more streets up”

"Yeah but there’s a house on this street and sometimes their golden retriever naps in the sun on the sidewalk and I like to give him belly rubs"

Now all the law students walk up belly rub lane because law school is stressful and dogs rock

I bet that is the happiest dog

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who is responsible for this

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Sometimes I wish I was 29 with my life figured out & sometimes I wish I was 5 with my whole life ahead of me and not a care in the world

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*eats 4 slices of pizza*

im so full

*eats another 4 slices of pizza*

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The only acceptable birthday cake

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